Mask Storage Case : Mask Friend (SRK 20_01)

$2.7 (each) (MOQ : 1 Pallets  (10,000 pcs.)

Product : Mask Friend SRK 20_01
Size : (Vertical)13.5cm X (Horiontal)17.2cm
Material : PE or Anti-Virus PE Film  or PVC
Carton Box Size : 21 x 21 x 18cm / 50pcs / 1.7kg
1 Pallet :  1100x1100x1,600mm = 200 CTB

Delivery Time : Varies by Country.
Separate Delivery Fee / Tax

Sample (50EA) : 21 x 21 x 18cm / 50pcs / 1.7kg
Piece: $120 ($ 2.4 EA) Separate Delivery Fee / Tax

Trademark Number : 40-2020-0057485
Patent Number : 10-2020-0041905


Product Description :

Mask Friend Desiccant also known as DESI PAK, is multi-porous layered structure of natural mineral bentonite clay with quality Management ISO9001, environmental management ISO14001 certi  cation, US FDA approval and confirms to the US military standard,MIL-D-3464E.

The DESI PAK is a natural, strong desiccant that is well received worldwide.
Desiccant used on other products on the market today have relied mainly on Silicagel, which is a chemical material.
This material creates environmental hazards such as soil pollution due to strong acidity.
This doesn’t mean that all natural ingredient desiccant are free of issues. In fact, other desiccant using natural materials have weak performance when compared to their chemical counterparts and they try to increase the performance by adding calcium chloride. As such, some of the natural options  also have a negative effect on the environment by containing a large amount of chlorine.

To contrast with the aforementioned products, Mask Friend uses a desiccant composed of only pure natural clay that is environmentally friendly. Additionally, it isn’t as weak as some of the competing natural products on the market.
The materials that Mask Friend is made with helps extend the use of your mask through dehumidification, deodorization, antibacterial, and hygienic storage. It is highly regarded for its excellence in economics and effectiveness.

  • Strong moisture-proof e ect at low humidity (20 ~ 40% RH) (about 30% better moisture absorption than SILICA GEL, a chemical agent)
  • Antirust and antibacterial e ect by Al2O3 and MgO components in addition to SiO2 as the main component
  • It is a mineral clay that does not corrode when it comes into contact with metal components due to its low alkalinity (PH7.8). It is harmless to the environment.
  • No calcium chloride (CaCl2) component, so there is no exothermic or elution of aqueous solution

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