VI-Killer Antimicrobial Copper Film (Anti-bacterial and Anti-Virus) (SRK 20_20)

$ 25 (each Roll) (MOQ: 2 Pallets (2400 Rolls)

Product: VI-Killer Antimicrobial Copper Film SRK 20_20
Size: (Vertical) 40cm x (Horizontal) 10cm (Thickness) 0.15mm
Material: PE, Cu
1 Carton Box : 31cm x 49cm x 41cm / 40 rolls
1 Carton Box  Weight : 552g(40cmx10m) x 40 rolls + 20g (Paper Pipe) x40 rolls+ 500g(Box Weight) = 25kg
1 Pallet  : 1100x1100x1,830 = 30BOXs 4Stage = 1,200(roll), 800kg

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Product Description

Let’s Overcome Covid-19 with Vi-Killer antimicrobial copper film!

VI-Killer What is an Antimicrobial Copper Film?

A recent pandemic of COVID-19 Virus’ viability tests showed that it survived 72 hours on a plastic surface and 48 hours on stainless steel, but in copper the virus dropped to 50 percent after an hour and died four hours later. (See also MBC Broadcast Capture)

In addition, the powerful antibacteriality of copper, which completely kills 99.9% of the antibiotic-resistant super bacteria in just two hours, has already been scientifically proven, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the only touch-surface antibacterial to register copper, and the International Copper Association (ICA) is promoting its certification as Cu+.

However, copper is limited in the physical properties of metal materials, which are limited in processing to various products. Therefore, it was difficult to apply it widely to daily necessities that required antibacterial functions, and the continued and strong antibacterial properties of copper were not widely distributed.

To compensate for these shortcomings, Virus-Killer Antibacterial Films are developed with film materials that are easy to install and produce.

<MBC NEWS COVID-19 Virus Survival Force Test>

VI-Killer Antimicrobial Copper Film Specifications and Prices

VI-Killer Antimicrobial Copper Film Specification

How Does Copper Kill Bacteria?

Antibacterial mechanism of copper

A. Bacteria recognize copper ions on the copper surface as essential nutrients and absorb them into the body, which penetrates through the cells.
B. Copper ions that enter the body destabilize the inner and outer potential differences of the cell membrane, destroying the cell membrane and losing important nutrients and moisture inside the cell.
C. Copper ions also attract oxygen-reacting external species to accelerate cell damage.
D. Copper ions interfere with cell breathing and metabolism, breaking down genomes and plasmid DNA to prevent cell cloning.

Source: Metallic Copper as an Antimicrobial Surfce by Gregor Grass, Christopher Rensing and Marc Solioz
Applied and Environmental Microbiology, Mar. 2011

Results of Antimicrobial force test of copper

Comparison of Antimicrobial Force by Material

Copper material! Within 30 minutes
Over 90% of the super bacteria are gone!

Source : International Copper Association :

Results of U.S. Hospital Experiment

Copper Surfaces! Over 90% of
Pathogens / Bacteria Decreased

Source : Salgado et al, Poster Presentation, 5th Decennial International Conference on Hospital Acquired Infections, 2010

Comparing with the existing antimicrobial technique of copper

Antimicrobial testing and verification of microorganisms in copper

Example of Application of VI-Killer Antimicrobial Copper Film

Use Cases of VI-Killer Antimicrobial Copper Film

VI-Killler Antimicrobial Copper Film is a polyethylene (PE) certified as safe material by FDA through specialized testing agencies such as SGS and KCL.

VI-Killler Antimicrobial Copper Film combines 99.9% pure copper (Cu) into a polyethylene film itself for permanent antibacterial force. Therefore, it is good to install it in a place where many people expect to have cross-infection and use it with hand sanitizer.

Intended use

– Various knobs (where frequent such as restaurants)
– ATM touch screen
– Cell phone case
– Elevator button
– Vending machine button (recovering sales)
– Public transportation (bus and taxi driver barrier)
– Blocker (civil complaint counters such as government offices, banks, marts, convenience stores, etc.)

NB> The rough side of the film should be installed outside where infection is expected.

Confirm & Test Report

Various test reports and evidentiary materials


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